Session 7: Listening

“Give us this day our daily bread”

In this session, we’ll unpack the practical ways we can tune into hearing God’s voice.

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Small Group Study Guide

1. Introduce the Session

5 minutes

Key verse 
“Give us today our daily bread” – Matthew 6:10 
  • In this session, we’ll unpack the practical ways we can tune into hearing God’s voice. 
  • Begin the session by opening in prayer. 

2. Watch the Video

20 minutes

Bible passages 
1 Samuel 3:1-10 

Summary points 

  • We are designed to walk and talk with God. 
  • Slow down, Soften up. 
  • When listening to God, remember ABC: Advice, Bible, Common Sense.

3. Discussion Questions

20 minutes

Q. What did you find most helpful or most challenging in the video? 
Q. Do you feel like your connection to God’s voice is like “wi-fi”, “cell phone” or “snail mail”? Do you find it’s obvious when God is speaking to you? 

Pete mentioned that we all hear God differently: “It’s okay to hear God the way he’s made you.” 

Q. Do you experience hearing God’s voice in a specific way? If so, how? 

Pete suggested two ways we can tune into God’s voice: 

“Slow down” 
Q. What practical actions could you take this week to make time for listening to God? 

“Soften up” 
Q. How can we encourage one another to “keep our hearts soft” in the busyness of our daily lives? 

4. Do it

15 minutes

Practise listening to God together. There are a few different ways you might like to do this, depending on your group: 

  • Split into small groups of 3 people, and take it in turns listening to God for one person at a time. Remind your group members to apply the “ABC” acronym for anything they think God is saying! 
  • Practise the Lectio Divina together as a group. You might like to explore the teaching of Jesus in Matthew 5:13-16 

Remember to: 

Read it – Familiarisation 
Explore it – Imagination 
Pray it – Conversation 
Enjoy it – Celebration 

Leader’s note 
Check out the Prayer Tool on the Lectio Divina, which includes instructions for groups. 

Toolshed Resources: Listening

These can be found at

  • How to Speak in Tongues

  • How to do the Lectio Divina

  • How to Journal

  • How to turn Parenting into Prayer

Downloads: Video: HD (505MB)  /  SD (192MB) Small Group Guide PDF Video Embed Code